Mazda RX-7 UK (just add salt and water)

A '92 Turbo II convertable, left outside in the UK for 10 years, is likely to rust a little! Mine failed it's MOT in 2001. Here are some details on what happened

Close-up at the back of the sill.

Wheel Arch 1

Inner nearside wheelarch. Note the yellow crayon from the MOT man! Plan is to patch this with a short length of flat bar.

Wheel Arch 2

Same hole, different view

Rear Wheelarch

The most obvious problem, rust at the end of the sill, in the wheelarch.

Sill 1

The above leak has rusted through the rear section of the sill from inside. Here I've cut away the damaged section.

Sill 2

Underneath, the floor has come completely detatched from the sill. The sill itself is virtually un-damaged, the rust seeming to be solely along the line of the filler used from above to fill the gap.

Sill 3

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