Rx7 Models and Stats

There are many different models of RX7, so this section is probably full of mistakes!

To avoid upsetting the pedantic, please make sure you use the correct terms. There have been three GENERATIONS of RX-7. There have been 8 SERIES of RX-7, each generation has had more than one SERIES associated with it. (thanks to Henning!)

The associated dates, and numbers registered in the UK as of 2000 are:

Model Date Capacity BHP MPH Max 0-60
1st Gen 1978-1985 2312cc 105 125 10.0 s
1st Gen GSL-SE 1984-1985 2616cc 135 130 8.8 s
2nd Gen 1986-1984 2616cc 146 137 7.7 s
2nd Gen EGI 1989-1991 2616cc 160 138 7.2 s
2nd Gen Turbo 1986-88 2616cc Turbo 182 145 6.8 s
2nd Gen Turbo II 1989-1991 2616cc Turbo 200 151 6.5 s
3rd Gen 1992-1994 2616cc Twin Turbo 255 159 5.1 s
3rd Gen (Japan Only) 1994-2002 2616cc Twin Turbo Up to 280 159 5.1 s
Rx-8 2002? 2003 2616cc N/A 250 150? ???

The 2nd Generation is the only one with a convertable option. In the US this was non-turbo, whilst in Europe it was Turbo only!


All standard engines found outside Japan are twin rotor, with two plugs per rotor, both in the same combustion chamber. Two plugs are used to improve the burn characteristics in a very long, thin chamber.


The first engine used in the Rx7, with two 578cc rotors. Will give 150 BHP with decent twin carbs.


Introduced in 1983, and used throught the 2nd gen model series. This engine has several variants, including additional intake ports and turbo versions.


Still using the basic 13B engine, REW is a japanese abreviation for Rotary Engine Twin (turbo). All the 3rd gen Rx7's to date have been Twin Turbo (unlike the TurboII 2nd Gen).


This is a 3-rotor version of the 13B engine, only made for the Japanese market.

The Future

Mazda are still making Rx7s, but they are only available in Japan or Australia. There is a Rx-01 concept car, and now the Rx-evolv, with a new 13BMSPRE (Multiple Side Port Rotary Engine) offering improved normally aspirated performance, and it seems that Mazda are committed to continuing with the rotary engine

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