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Mazda RX7 Turbo II For Sale 700 GBP (19 June, 2011)

From RX7 for Sale

Sadly, my Turbo II is now for sale, along with all the RX7 bits i have accumulated over the years

New www.mazdarotaryclub.com

All new modern Rx7 Club

Founded Saturday 10th Nov, 2001. The club's aim is to cater for all generations of Mazda Rotary owners, from classic Cosmo's and RX-3's right through to the new RX-7's and RX-8's.

By setting up a club which is intended to be run by and for its members, and exploiting the internet, mazdarotaryclub.com has already recruited a significant number of members, and has had significant success in interesting Mazda UK in the Rx7, as part of their marketing for the new Rx8. Mazda officials are expected to be showing an increasing presence at club gatherings.

The club organises many gatherings around the UK, together with track days and other such events. The Brooklands gathering in the spring attracts a significant turn-out, as does the Japanese Auto Extravaganza. With luck, there will be renewed interest in Le Mans as well, as Mazda seem to be taking renewed interest in this event.

There is also the old club, who may be of help if you don't use the internet.


Mazda Rx7 Owners Club (UK)
65 Coyne Road
West Bromwich
West Midlands
B70 7HJ

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