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Not mine anymore...

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Just sold this one, after about 6 months of trying!

I still own three cars, a '87 Rx7, a '91 Turbo II Convertable (mot failed Feb '02 and a Mini as a spare car. Scraped the mini that I spent 3 years welding, and bought another when the Turbo II first got sick.

In September, my Turbo II went to Trax at Silverstone. There was a 3rd gen. RX7 behind me at the start, but I didn't see it after I'd gone round the first corner!

Silverstone Pic1 (50kb)     Silverstone Pic2 (70kb)

After some engine trouble (very poor starting, loosing coolant), i tried replacing the inlet manifold gasket. Looked good briefly, but didn't fix anything. MOT failed on emissions (not surprising), and also sills and inner front wings rusting.

I bought a '81 1st Gen. RX7 in '96, with a blown engine. One rebuilt engine later (from Hurley Rotary Engineering), and I was on the road. I now have recently bought a '91 Turbo II convertable. This suffers from a leaky roof which I am beginnning to suspect is incurable. The rest of the car more than makes up for this slight drawback.

Since I bought the car, I had occasionally suffered the occasional momentary loss of power at about 5-6k rpm. Although the dashboard boost gauge said all was well, an analogue boost guage indicated that this only occured at about 9psi of boost. Fuel cut. If the ECU detects over 8psi (450mm Hg), then the fuel supply (to the rear rotor) is cut-off. I suspected that a Fuel Cut Defender (FCD) might have been fitted at the ECU, but I can't find one. This may be preventing the dash guage from reading high, but allowing occasional fuel cut by not clamping the output from the boost guage.

My FCD is described here.

Sold this car Dec 01, just before I decided I needed a working car

1st Gen Picture

The old one. 1st gen, mk 2? 1981.12a engine, Twin SU carbs. 13" alloys. Slowly rusting away,untill I buy a garage. (only waiting exchange of contracts now!)

Front View of TII Back View of TII

The new one. 2nd gen Turbo II. 17" alloys, Ported engine.

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