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After about 5 years, I think this list has finally expired, due to a server glitch which meant I have lost all the users. There's been very little activity over the past 6 months anyway. has a public forum and mailing list for members, which covers the same area as this list did - when I set my list up the UK club wasn't interested in the internet.

There is also a 3rd Gen Social mailing List on Yahoo Groups.

Below is a list of some of the members and their cars.

Sean Houlihane


1985 1st Gen White
1991 Turbo II Convertable (awaiting transplant)

Turbo II

Ian Preece


1985 1st Gen.

no pic

Iain Ainsworth


1985 1st Gen. 110k miles, new engine at 100k. Soon to have Elford Turbo.

no pic

Nigel Ryan

West London

99 spec RX-7 RS 3rd Gen. Sports clutch. Greddy twin air intake. Racing beat complete exhaust system.

no pic

Henning Percy

Weybridge, Surrey

1992 Japanese Import Cat replacement midpipe Catback exhaust - Greddy SP ( I think )

no pic

Martin Yates


2nd Gen RX-7 Turbo II

no pic

'92 Efini R1

no pic

Glenn Butcher


2000 Type RB-S

no pic

Martin Sintler


92 Jap Import. Black, Type X (Auto). Leather, AC, Cruise, SR, Bose etc. Mazdaspeed bodykit. Mazdaspeed Alloys. PFS Intake and IC. PFS computer. HKS Cat-back.

no pic
no pic

Quentin Heaton




Phil Wattis



no pic

Kevin Osborne


1st Gen - Rotary engine missing

no pic

Neil Maitland



no pic

Pete Smith


1995 Import-type RB Red exterior; Black carbon-fibre effect seat material A/C; no cruise/airbag; lovely silver/gold kick-plates Rear dwarf seats.

no pic

Jon Booker Recovery Service


Rx-7 Mk1, '80, "Solar Gold"(M4), 199k Miles, RHD, Elford Turbo
Rx-7 Mk2, '81, "Sunbeam Silver"(K3), 104k Kms, LHD (Parts Car)
Rx-7 Mk2, '82, "Misty Blue"(U6), 120k Miles, RHD, Janspeed Exhaust
Rx-7 Mk2, '82, "Formula White"(WT), 109k Miles, RHD, 12A Turbo Injection
Rx-7 fini, '92, "Brilliant Black"(PZ), 32k Miles, RHD.
Ford Cargo 0813, '83, 7.5Ton Recovery Truck

no pic

Kevin Thackray

South West London

1999 Type RB, S Package Exterior - Innocent Blue Mica Interior - Black

no pic

Paul Foster


UK 3rd gen with Jap engine-right?

no pic

Rich Alexander


(beaten up) '94 3rd gen import

no pic

Paul Farr


White '91 Turbo II Few mod's ( cat's off, K&N cone,f.c.d.,air pump off, twin pulley, large bore through pipe , kv85 leads,fresh air h/lamp cover,c/force 33% up clutch...more to come! @250 bhp ( 12ib boost) on rebuilt engine.

no pic

Tariq Arain

West London

Black 97 RX-7 RB Bathurst Type X. Red Leather seats and carpets. Greddy Turbo Timer. Mazda Front and Rear Strut Braces. Tanabe G Power Medallion Exhaust. HKS downpipe. Twin Blitz SUS Induction kit. 17'' Gewalt Alloy Wheels 300 bhp (estimate)

no pic

Quentin Heaton


93 3rd Gen Import Red R1 Stock

no pic

Steve Cleary

1992 FD3S 'Touring' Hong Kong Spec Leather Int. Sunroof, Bose sound After market Cat back exhaust

no pic

John Hamling

Maidstone, Kent

1990 H reg TurboII Cabrilet white. Completely standard apart from Pioneer CD system. Photo of my car taken by RX-7 club at JAE billing 2000

no pic


New Zealand - Club and Parts (ships to UK!)

FD with more mods than I can be bothered typing in!

FD Kai

Anthony Cunningham


1996 Jap Import
ACT Street/Race Clutch. Vacuum hose job. HKS standard air box filter. Blitz BOV. Jacobs ignition wires. NGK 11 Plugs. Trust DP. Removed Cat. Blitz Cat Back. Koni adjustable suspension. Hawk HP+ brake pads. Stainless steel brake lines. Mazdaspeed A-spec rear wing. Apexi Auto Timer. Apexi Power FC and Commander. Momo Steering wheel. Autometer guages - Boost, oil temp, a/f.


If you'd like to add your car, mail me with your details and and a picture of the car, and I'll do my best!

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