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2nd September, 2001 - Trax

I didn't make this event, but there was a reasonable Rx7 turnout. Thanks to Henning Percy for this write-up

Yesterday (Sunday 2nd September) was Trax 2001 at Silverstone. It was the first year I've been, but it was brilliant fun, so I thought I'd e-mail everyone and let them know what went on.

The event is basically a car nut festival for the day. All the major car clubs go along and show their cars. There are a lot of boy-racers there as you would expect, but there are also some very very nice cars. There is a retail area with stands where you can buy all kinds of goodies: wheels, number plates, brakes, samco piping (more of this later) and even Tamiya radio controlled cars. There are of course the obligatory 'Revs', 'Max Power' and 'Redline' stands. One of which had a game of twister where you could get your picture taken with their models. 3 standard 5 topless. I missed them though. (note to self, check the stand out earlier next year). There is track time on the touring car circuit but you have to book up for this well in advance and also the 0-60 sprint trials. Also some sound-off competitions which involves making you car stereo so loud that you cannot sit in it while the stereo is on because it will kill you! I saw one entrant that had 12 amps in the back of his escort van. Nuff said!

I met up with Anthony C and a couple of his friends (300ZX and Fiat Brava). There was some rain on the way up, some of it quite hard and I was quite worried because I'd never been to Silverstone before I had heard horror stories of what it's like when it gets muddy. Thankfully we managed to drive through the rain and the area around Silverstone was not wet, just clouds with the sun coming out occasionally.

Anthony has just got a Apexi Power FC and commander and was itching to give it a really good work out. On the way up he had a couple of blasts up the motorway and shot some impressive 60cm flames from his exhaust when he changed up a gear to 4th. Very impressive. I didn't get a photo of that unfortunately. We approached Silverstone form the M40 side and the queues were not as bad as I had anticipated. They were about three and a quarter miles and it took us about an hour to get in. Nigel, Tariq, Martin (Sintler) and Glenn were already there along with Nigel's friend Mark in his Honda S2000.

Martin (Yates) and his wife Meryl turned up with his Turbo-II a little while after us. We were parked very close to the 0-60 trials, so we all went to have a quick look and seemed to get stuck there for a long time. It was a section of one of the tracks that had a timing beam and a sort of radar gun setup, that would follow you down the track and give you a time readout on a display half way down the track (similar to those at 1/4 mile drag strips). The only problem with this was that if you did not always see the time as you flew past it.

There were some very impressive cars there including a twin engine ford escort pick-up that was doing sub 5 second runs. The Nissan Sunny GTI-R's were also holding up well. There was a Capri that had a Cosworth engine and was also converted to 4x4. We were not that interested, until we saw it pull a 3.94 time 0-60. Holy cow! The thing is we all though that if we met him at the lights we'd have a go at him! The buy that owns it let his girlfriend drive it later in the day and she managed a 4.19sec run.Go girl.

Richard Moakes arrived, but without his car. Shame on you Richard. But I guess Plymouth to Silverstone is a bit much petrol. Especially the way you drive! Paul also turned up in his silver 3rd gen by the time Anthony finally broke and decided he had to have a go. We all stood behind the start line to watch Anthony's run. He managed 5.00 seconds which produced a cheer from our small group of rotorheads. He tried again and got a 5.22. That was it though, he had the bug and off he trundled to get some more tickets and returned with 4.

By this time the rest of the guys started getting twitchy and wanted to go play as well. We'd got some free entries to the 0-60 trials with our tickets and a couple of us weren't running, so the guys that were running managed to get 2 tickets each. My excuse is that I have a serious oil consumption problem and I also didn't want to trash my clutch that far from home (having heard some stories about others blowing theirs). Glen had kindly given his ticket away so headed off to buy some new ones. The others lined up together, but getting the tickets took longer than expected and Glen was a little way down the queue to race. Each of them managed two runs which I noted down. I've left the piece of paper at home, so I've only got the fastest runs written down. Here are the results:

The S2000 also ran and Paul's friend in a Pontiac, but I don't have their numbers with me.

We were all impressed with Anthony's 5.00 first run, but were astounded at Nigel's 4.84 (everyone apart from Anthony that is *grin*). We were all sure that Anthony would get better times as the day went on, but he didn't. He was trying to run 1.1bar boost, but was only making 0.9bar. Whilst waiting for one of the runs he and Nigel discovered that he had some problems with air leaking from one of the pipes going to the intercooler. We tried to use one of the banjo ties from my car to sort Anthony's car out, but they were all the wrong size, so off to the Samco stand to buy some banjo clips.

He installed them and went back to the 0-60 track, but still only managed to pull 0.9bar boost and thus only managed two 5.7 runs. We await more news on what he finds out about why his car is not running as he would expect.

People started dispersing by this time in the afternoon with other engagements and wanting to beat the traffic. I had a wonder round the stalls and then joined Nigel, Tariq, Mark and a couple of their friends watching the Supras going round the track. It looked like a lot of fun We then headed off ourselves and the route out was not as bad as I had thought. It only took about 30 minutes to do the reverse router that had taken an hour in the morning.

There were lots of boy racers with Vauxhall Corsas with racing harness and bucket seats and not much else and Renault 5 turbos with stupid looking aftermarket fibreglass creations bolted to them and some bizarre clubs like the Ford Ka club! But there were also some very nice cars there. The ones I particularly noticed:

It was a great day out with lots more interesting cars than I can include in an e-mail. Hopefully we'll see a lot of you there next year.


Martin Yates has a copy of this with photos here

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